Taj Palace – Mumbai – India – Hotel

Taj Palace – Mumbai – India – Hotel

The Taj Palace hotel by India Gate is iconic and I must recommend using the toll road and bridge from the airport. The last time I came to Mumbai the airport was a small concrete box with slums outside but how things have changed and developed. The lobby at the Taj and the security has certainly been increased since my last visit and updated but the rest of the hotel has a great charm and I am amazed how quickly the refurbishment works took place. The restaurants are truly amazing and you cannot fault the service.

Upgrading to the suite was worth the money as you get your own butler service with a room with a separate living room (separated by a wall and door) and two separate bathrooms, so you can request a second bed but a level of service second to none.

Taj really knows how to spoil you with in-room bath services to the butler service who helps with everything you could imagine at a price you would not believe. I never thought I would be comfortable with a Butler but he was so helpful to make plans and suggestions and very nice person it just feels like having a local guide at your request.

Every hotel should use the Taj as a benchmark and I look forward to my next visit.

I can be meticulous when reviewing hotel rooms but there was no faults at all. Taj turn down service is also immaculate also providing little velcro bands for your mobile and laptop cables to keep everything neat and tidy.

Its this attention to detail that really makes you feel special. You don’t even need to leave the hotel but with the colours, culture, noise and sheer wonderment of Mumbai you have to explore and if at anytime things get a little too much for your senses you have a safe and tranquil place of rest in your palace….

Rooms and En-suites are fully featured and clean and secure. AC works a treat and very quiet rooms even with the bustling heart of the india gateway just outside you are never disturbed and I would and could easily live here.

Water pressure is just right and no issues with hot and cold mixing along with great selection of toiletries and gowns fully stocked. If you want an iron and board you can easily request but the butler also handles this and laundry for you on same or next day service. I dont think you ever need to lift a finger and this includes unpacking and packing should you desire.

Being in the suite you also get the luxury of your special area for breakfast but able to use the main hotel one as well. A great selection of various food is on offer with the chef also able to cater to special requests as well. You will be more than happy here with the selection and varied options. Only dubai can offer more of a selection with quality.

I will cover the dinners in separate reviews.

I guess it is now up to the other hotel chains in India to make contact with me to show me how they life up to the Taj and what is has to offer….

Even walking around the hotel you have your boutique shopping area and your outdoor swimming area with you can enjoy some great drinks and juices as well as fantastic spa and you have your own mens and women’s hair salon as well where i ventured to get a hair cut and head massage and what a treat.

I would rate this as one of the top hotels in the world in terms of service and charm and the only criticism is the lobby can get a bit busy and the lobby for the palace suites is not as well staffed as I would have hoped.

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