SURF AIR – Private Jet – London City to Zurich

SURF AIR – Private Jet – London City to Zurich

“Impeccable Service, Stress Free and Time Saving”

I flew with Surf Air from London City Airport to Zurich on 12/12/17.

It was a pleasure and an eye opener on how easy, fun and comfortable air flight can be and enjoyable to boot where you pay a fixed membership and just fly.

For more information on Surf Air please follow the link below:


I am more than happy to answer any questions on the service and fully recommend this as the way to travel.

If you are a business owner or someone frequently travelling you may find this also a cost saving and time saving. Who would have thought even your accountant may be happy and suggest you start to fly by private jet.

Time is short and precious so why waste it in queues and delays and having to just wait around…travel in style and comfort…Surf the air with ‘Surf Air’

From the moment you enter the private lounge in London City airport which is similar to your private entertainment boxes at Football, Tennis for example and your own private space where you can enjoy some refreshments and your own shower and WC facilities. I understand you can also order a meal by prior arrangement but the vast number of refreshments on offer is all you could want and expect. No need to check in luggage or go through any security checks. This makes the whole experience just sublime with no stress at all.

Given you only have to arrive 15-25 mins prior to take off you are also not worried you may miss the gate or boarding process which on average you require 2 hours at any commercial airport.

You are greeted and welcomed by the great Surf Air staff and they handle everything and even load your luggage and i did not even notice when this happened.

Once you are on board at your leisure  you are greeted by your pilots and given a short safety speech as you would normally get just more relaxed but just as informative.

Yes you cannot stand in the jet but a few steps in you are in one of the 8 seats in this case and very comfortable real leather seats with ample leg room.

You may ask what about hostess or entertainment, being a business jet you may not get these services but as these are short haul flights and that you save so much time you dont really miss this and to be honest on short haul flights you dont get any entertainment anyway just the hostess service which i personally did not miss. You do still get refreshments in your seat drawer so you can access when you like and given a hostess service would then push up your membership price i think its best the way Surf Air has decided to go without.

Flight take off and landing is actually smoother than the commercial planes and i was not expecting this and as you fly at 40,000 feet which is higher than the commercial airlines you also get a smoother flight, all very surprising.

My flight experienced no delays or air traffic holds and by the time you even notice you are landing in Zurich private terminal.

The disembark process is just as much a pleasure as when you board, you taxi a few feet away from the private terminal lounge run by ExecuJet in Zurich and your luggage is whisked away and the only thing you have to do is hand over your passport for a quick 30sec scan then have a seat in the lounge to decide what to drink as you organise your cab. Again the staff are so welcoming and and pleasure and happy to help organise your cab and promptly giving refreshments as needed.

I did note being a new private terminal the Uber Drivers where not sure of the location, which i cannot understand as google maps seems to find and guide you without any issue but again the staff are more than happy to help and direct your driver as needed.

You then just go around security when your car arrives and taken to your hotel without even realising it. No stress, no time wasted and the most efficient and pleasant journey i have had.

Now flying commercial will never be the same even with Lounge and priority access.



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