Hawksmoor – Steak – London

Hawksmoor – Steak – London

“Great Location and decor”

Date of Visit: 27.05.18

Time: 1.30pm

Review: A great location and small entrance does the not give justice to the actual scale of the resturant. I have been to the Knightsbridge branch and this is huge compared to this. You have a grand staircase and leading up to a great lateral space with two bars and ample space in an art deco style with stained glass windows. Next time will look to take more photos of the actual seating areas and bar. I added some notes to the booking and I was happy to see all my notes followed to a tee and this is attention to detail that I find impressive. You do have a bag and coat check area at the entrance by the way so do not worry if you arrive from a hectic day if shopping you will be relaxed and free of bags and jackets at the table. Just remember to collect on your way out! We ordered some Mock-tails with one specially made which at first we did not like and it was changed and altered as requested with no fuss. The food knowledge of the server was ok but not explained fully as I have experienced in the past so did not feel totally convinced with what we actually ordered. We were guided towards the Sunday Roast and a different cut of steak than we usually order as well as being cooked to a different degree so unfortunately we did not really rate the meat which is the main reason for coming but we will look to visit again and have what we usually have to see if that was just us being guided in the wrong direction for our taste and revert back with another review I hope in the future. Happy with the Sunday Roast gravy and Salad as well as the dessert. Service was good and always nice to see happy staff so cannot really fault staff attitude.

Dress Code: Anything although most people where smart and smart casual.

Booking Process: Very easy on-line booking via open table app so straight forward and all notes where looked at.

Location: 5A Air Street, London, W1J 0AD

Cuisine Type: Steak and Sunday Roast

Parking: Afraid its Regent Street so public transport but there is an NCP not too far.

Decor & Lighting: Great decor with stylish bar and stair case, a very lager lattlateral area. However big windows do mean you get back light issues so some diffusion would help to soften the light a little.

Heating and Cooling: It was a warm day out but inside was perfect and not too hot or cold.

Ambience & Acoustics: This is where we hit a little bit of an issue like most large restaurants, during peak times you suffer from a lot of ambient noise so if you like this thats great but when you are looking to have a nice chat then I would recommend maybe taking a table by the bar area which seemed less busy so I would hope would be a better location to be seated if you want a nice conversation. Music however was not loud and just offering light background noise.

Drinks:  There was a couple of options for Mocktails and would be good to see more options offered to be honest. But the bar was happy to mix something up and even happy to change it when the first one did not come out right.

We had the following: 

Ribeye 400g – A large cut where you would struggle to eat the whole thing and not sure why you are not offered smaller cuts. I know from my last visit you are encouraged to share large cuts but when you both have different tastes I cant say this always works. Not a cut we are used to and not cooked the way we usually have so again not too impressed but will have to re-visit and have our usual and reserve comment.

Sunday Roast – A nice option with large portion size with large Yorkshire pudding with nice roast potatoes and veg, but the meat was hard work to cut and just average like a nice pub lunch but nothing special. The gravy however was special and really made the dish with a rich meaty flavour that really set off the Yorkshire pudding well as without this the Yorkshire pudding would have been too dry.

Triple cooked chips – It seems everyone now does triple cooked chips but not everyone does them well and nothing special here and although nice thick cut it was not as crispy or as fluffy inside as you would expect.

Doddington Caesar Salad – A light crispy really fresh salad that complimented the main really well and not over complicated but just perfect. Highly recommend this side.

Bone Marrow – Two large marrows served and cooked well and presented well.

Béarnaise Sauce – I am not really a fan of béarnaise so i cannot really comment.

Desert: Sticky Toffee Pudding – So far I would say this is the best in London and worth the visit just for this. Soft and moist and this was even after a large meal we still managed to finish this.

Bill / Cost: £108.00 for two

Conclusion: Dessert is second to none and server even mentioned there is another dish even better, so we will have to come back. Not too impressed with the meat but having been steered to different cuts I think we need to re-visit with what we are used to in order to give a true comparison. Hence the lower mark this time which I hope on a re-visit this will go up. Another great thing to say is the restaurant itself also followed up via email on the visit and if we had any comments to which I responded and received a response, so I was able to share this review prior which is another nice touch as it is nice to see they care and not many if any actually take the effort these days and wait for reviews to be posted rather than being proactive, so this was nice to see.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.0

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