“Memorable food with options for all. A great team – 5 Star’s

This is one of Atul Kochhar’s latest restaurants  and focuses on the North East States of India which include – Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. The North East region offers a mixed culture of Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism which clearly reflects in the cuisine. We were lucky to go on an evening to see both Atul Kochhar and Tina English at the restaurant along with the head chef Shishir Sinha. A great team and the most down to earth hard working people in the Industry I know. Maddox street seems to becoming the home of indian food with a few other establishments on the same road.


Chef, Author, TV Personality,  Humanitarian and Ambassador  for a number of Charities.

First Chef to be awarded a Michelin Star for Indian cuisine – breaking all the rules in his unique and inspired way.

International and UK nationwide TV personality, recently on Million Dollar Menu, a regular on Saturday Kitchen

THE MOOD: You get a nice feel when you walk in and pleasantly greeted and shown to your table, the restaurant has a great bar with comfortable bar stools where you can also pass your evening having a few drinks and snacks. At first sight it seem like a smaller venue, there is a large lower ground floor with a completly different feel which is set up for private hire and soon to be a private dining area I am informed. There is also a nice little terrace area outside so worth a visit during the summer months (although I think we have missed out this time around).

THE FOOD/DRINK: An amazing drinks menu with a special section “KANISHKA’S WORLD OF IMAGINATION” where you can make your own unique hiball drink with a hint of these flavoured distillates. A great idea but alas I don’t drink so I had to select one of three mocktails. It would be good to see more mocktail options in the future.

A number of menus are on offer from the Al La Carte, Set Menus, Tasting Menu and a Vegetarian Menu options. In addition to all of this you also get special event menus as well, such was the case during Diwali. You will be sure to find something for everyone. The menu also consists of options without much spice so even those not usually into Indian food or the spices will have something to select making this a perfect office Christmas party spot so I would book early.

Plum Elixir [Roast plum infused Seedlip Spice, cranberry juice, Lixir ginger ale]  – A very light flavour reminded me of Ribena. I like the fact you get to try some new and unique mock-tails rather than the usual passion fruit combinations that are usually offered.

Spice of Life [Seedlip Spice, blood orange and cinnamon tonic, burnt orange shrub] – A refreshing drink which has a ginger ale like taste with the same bitter after taste.

Papadums served with Mango chutney – The chutney was fresh and subtle which I really enjoyed. A great start as you wait for your starters and glad they still serve this as some places have stopped serving such items.

Atul’s Chicken Tikka Pie [Tikka masala in puff pastry, cumin scented berry compote] – Chicken pie flaky pastry the amazing berry sauce simply  cuts through the spice and taste of the chicken beautifully. The chicken is not too spicy and this is a signature dish you simply have to order and try.

Masala Mixed Grill [Selection of lamb chops, prawn, fish and chicken tikka (Vegetarian alternative available upon request)] – The chicken was moist and well cooked, with the Lamb falling off the bone and perfectly cooked. The sauce that is served is something I have tasted many times but it does compliment the grill. The Fish was also nice with a touch of spice.

Naga Scallops [Smoked chilli spiced diver scallops, parsnip puree] – A very well cooked and presented dish.

Purani Delhi Ki Gosht Biryani [Sealed and baked lamb, aromatic rice, served with burani raita (Vegetarian alternative available upon request)]  – A nice spiced dry lamb and a good biryani option.

Lamb cutlets with sweet potato – The lamb was soft and succulent, not spicy and is the perfect dish for any person who can’t take spice and usually therefore stays away from Indian cuisine. So now there is no longer an excuse not to go.

Dad’s Murg Makhani [Tandoor cooked chicken tikka simmered in San Marzano and fenugreek gravy (Vegetarian alternative available upon request)] – Also known as Butter chicken cooked well and tastes as you expect very rich and although there is not much you can do to this dish it is also easy to get wrong and this was perfectly cooked. A great staple dish to have on the menu.

Kanishka Signature Black Dal – A must have side order not to be missed, rich and one of the best black dal’s I have had. Even better than some of the places I visited in Mumbai India recently.

Sagolir Manxo [Cumin and black pepper spiced country goat curry] – Not something I would normally order but this is simply a must have dish to order,  this goat curry was simply astonishing with the meat just melting in the mouth and the curry being full of flavour and when accompanied with nan it’s simply breath taking. I took a doggy bag home and next day this tasted just as amazing so order this even if you only have one spoon, just take the rest away and enjoy the next day.

Seafood Moilee Curry [Pan-seared seafood, onion and ginger sauce, Seafood coconut more Thai twist] – A nice twist allowing for a more varied menu.

Gangtok Momos [Choice of filling] – I did not have this but once we finished our meal a friend came and he ordered this at the bar and I must say I really wish I had room to try this so next time this will be on my list.

There is also a great dessert menu with a light and creamy dol which consists of a  light rose sorbet which refreshes pallet and is just sublime. Along with a number of options including  more traditional options such as mango and pistachio Kulfi so you get the best of both worlds.

THE VERDICT: I am very impressed by the menu selection and options, I really look forward to coming again and I noted the Diwali special set menu was only £35.00 per head so I would recommend keeping an eye on the events and what’s being offered as I think its a great idea to have events and experience days being offered. It was really a pleasure and cant wait to visit again and again. The only criticism is please add some more sweet and other mock-tails. There are so many items on the menus both a mix from traditional to some unique options that I left wanting more and more. So I have no choice but to return and give you a review on some of the other dishes on offer. Do visit for a memorable evening you will walk away extremely happy.

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