Mill & brew – Mill Hill – London – Resturant 

Mill & brew – Mill Hill – London – Resturant 

“Pure Treasure – Great Chef with great passion”

Review: You first enter and feel that it is both casual and reasonably lively and Family friendly. I know Mill Hill and this is not my usual spot for breakfast or lunch so I was intrigued by Mill & Brew. The head chef was previously trained by Jamie Oliver and his passion for food and caring about the ingredients really shines through. Quick tip to the owner “don’t let this one go”. A great menu catering for all including a good vegetarian and vegan options with lots to select but my only criticism on the menu is that the Breakfast and Lunch menus are very similar and only a couple of new dishes added for lunch. Also although there are cakes and other dessert items no specific in house desserts and I would love to see this moving forward. All portion sizes are large so feel free to order more single dishes and share so you can get a chance to really sample the fantastic menu selection. I will be going again and would highly recommend this establishment to all. 

Head Chef: Aidan Mannion

Dress Code: No Dress code here just come as you are, very relaxed.

Location: Mill Hill is located in North London and has some great transport links from a bus depot to a thameslink train station and there is also plenty of parking. Mill & Brew, 23 The Broadway, London NW7 3DA.

Telephone: 020 8959 6964.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 6:30am-6:00pm, Sunday: 7:30am-5:00pm.

Cuisine Type: Mixture of classic English and a few surprises. 

Parking: Ample station parking and also street metered parking also which although is limited to 1.5hours at around £2 you can go back and get another ticket. 

Decor & Lighting: A rustic cafe feel but really well done so you just feel comfortable at a light casual place to meet for a coffee or a full meal. 

Heating and Cooling: Noted they have AC and during our time the AC was off but temperature was perfect, not hot or cold. 

Ambience & Acoustics: A great feel but acoustics wise there were a few people around and it did sometimes get hard to have a conversation but being hard walls and high ceilings this would be an acoustic issue anyway. 

Service: Excellent service by all members of staff as each would come and ask if all was ok so very attentive. 

DB Level: 77.3 dB 

We had the following: 


Coconut crush – My friend had this and suffice to say it must have been to her taste as nothing was left. 

Berry burst – Textured and fresh and I am no fan of blueberry but loved this combination. I would recommend this for all to try. 


Beetroot smash (Poached beetroot smashed with organic yoghurt, topped with pomegranate, crushed walnuts & pistachios finished with fresh apple on sourdough) – A take on the usual avocado on toast but using an english ingredient. The bread is crispy with the beetroot both light and sweet. All very well presented and I for one not being a fan of beetroot was a bit worried about this one but I was pleasantly surprised and I am glad we had selected this from the menu and is a must to try.

English breakfast (Two fried eggs, smoked streaky bacon, award-winning sausage, homemade baked beans, a baked tomato, Portobello mushroom, potato & onion rosti and toast) – Again a well presented dish. All the ingredients used and specially selected. The beans being fresh and not the canned variety with a great light taste. You also get a little salad with light fresh dressing. Along with the best crispy bacon I have had which was really crunchy. The award winning sausage had a light spice and perfectly cooked  and not too meaty. The tomatoes and mushrooms along with the perfect egg and the most amazing hash brown all work in perfect balance. 

M&B banana pancakes (Triple-stacked fluffy pancakes! Choose between our classic smoked bacon and maple syrup or our caramelised bananas with sweetened cream cheese & toasted hazelnuts) Sweet and fluffy but be aware this is a large portion which we shared and still could not finish the entire dish. Real care and attention taken to the dish which would not go a miss in most fine dining establishments. Albeit they would probably charge more and give a much smaller portion. 


Halloumi rings – A nice touch and variation on onion rings. A nice light and crispy batter and works well as a side dish also served with a home made dip which works well. 

Fries/Chips  (Hand cut, twice cooked, crispy chips)   Great chunky chips which are rustic with the skin left on. Again served with a great home made dip. A treat for all. 

Chicken Schnitzel Burger (Free range crispy chicken breast fillet in a brioche bun with baby gem lettuce, homemade coleslaw & mature cheddar cheese, topped with siracha mayo)   A nice homely made item, crispy, crunchy and nice taste to the batter coating. Really fresh and worth every penny.  


You have a selection of pastries and cakes to go with coffee or take away and they are nice but not made in house so I think there is scope here. 

Conclusion: The slight issue we found is that the Wi-Fi needs improvement as there is poor signal and no real cover. But food wise and atmosphere wise there was no complaints at all other than wanting maybe more items for Lunch and having their own home made dessert menu. All the food is fresh and all ingredients sourced with care and attention. I would be happy to have the same food in the top city hotel and I do think this chef is going places so why not try out where he started his own vision before you have to pay more for the privilege in years to come. Great food and good value with good portion size. Highly recommended. Please please please make a sticky toffee pudding and put it on the menu as I would love the chefs take on this dessert. 

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.0 

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