Olive Bar & Kitchen – Mediterranean – India (Mumbai)

Olive Bar & Kitchen – Mediterranean – India (Mumbai)

“Great Decor but not for international traveller”

Date of Visit: 09.10.18

Time:  20:46

Review: I was expecting a lot given all the hype about this place and I know when calling and booking this was not supposed to be their best night but arriving just before 9pm and still having the place empty was a little but of a surprise but maybe the night in Mumbai starts late as when we were leaving there were many more tables taken. There are a number of issues with missing links and missing menu on the website so always best to just call the resturant. This resturant opened in 2008 and is supposed to be the place to be and meet the right people, saying that everyone there did look like they came out for a good night and the right people to know. Just no celebrities I am told whilst we were there. The menu is very European so very good maybe for a local crown but not really suitable for us given we are from London so have better places to eat which specialise in each of the various options. It is a long drive with traffic from Gateway of India so if you are looking for authentic food whilst you are in Mumbai I would come here during their bar evening and just have drinks and eat elsewhere.

Dress Code: A smart place in an area where you are close knit with the hustle and bustle not to far around the corner. Everyone came dressed up and very smart.

Booking Process: I had booked via a phone call from the UK which I thought would be best as Emails in Mumbai is usually hot or miss unless its a hotel.

Location: 14, Union Park, Khai (w), Mumbai 400052

Cuisine Type: European / Mediterranean

Decor & Lighting: I love the design and feel actually would be great to replicate this worldwide as it works really well.

Heating and Cooling: There is a section indoors with AC but we sat outside and it was a very pleasant evening with nice temperature so very comfortable.

Ambience & Acoustics:

Service: Service was good and prompt but we did arrive without anyone else really there so that could be a factor.

Drinks:  Green Envy and Berry Boost both of which were made well.

Desert: Date & Toffee Pudding – This was nice but nothing special that you can say you have to come here to try this you will be fine with or without it.

Bill / Cost:  1,185 Rupees

Conclusion: Looks like the place to be but pick your night carefully and don’t go too early, its far so be ready for an long drive home. This may be a better place to eat for the Mumbai crowd rather than international visitors as usually as an international traveller you would want more of a local speciality or a taste of the country so if you want a change however then worth a visit with vegetarian options available. But with Mumbai having so much to offer in terms of local cuisine then best to visit just for the party scene and eat prior.

Rating: 5.0 out of 10.0

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