Olive tree – Milton Keynes – Turkish Mediterranean

Olive tree – Milton Keynes – Turkish Mediterranean

“Good Selection of food” 

Date of Visit: 16.06.18

Review: Be aware that the set menu is for a minimum of 2 people but it is not made very clear on the menu and at the time of visiting we were told there was no steak so i would ask if they don’t have anything on the menu before you order anything at all. The food however is fresh and tasty and priced reasonably so worth a visit. A good selection of food options and although not much for vegetarians there are some options. Not a place for a romantic meal but good for a family meal but could make it a bit warmer inside. 

Dress Code: No dress code here although some people came smart for a birthday party.

Booking Process: We just phoned and walked in without a reservation as it is a big place so there should always be space. 

Cuisine Type: Turkish Mediterranean

Parking: Lots of parking outside so I don’t think this would be an issue. 

Decor & Lighting: Basic decoration with a few TURKISH influences but its in reality just a large warehouse / retail unit so nothing too special

Heating and Cooling: Temperature was a bit cold inside and could do with being a bit warmer. So do take some extra clothing with you.

Ambience & Acoustics: Background music played but you can sill have a conversation without the need to shout so just at the right level 

Service: At first service was slow to be shown to your table and be given a menu but the service did pick up and food service was speedy and management did come and make sure all was ok which is always a good touch. 

DB Level: 72db

Drinks:  Mediterranean Breeze – Found the Mock-tail to be both refreshing and different to anything I have had but it had nice citrus taste. Well balanced drink, but be warned it is sweet. 

Food: You are initially greeted by complimentary hot bread and dips served moments from ordering and nice fresh garlic taste and nice fresh tasting dips. Impressed. 

Mixed Hot mezze (Chef’s selection of 4 hot Mezze dishes: Sigara Borek, Falafel, Sucuk, Halloumi) – Sausage meaty but tasty not overpowering. Halloumi salty and Little rubbery but as normal to be honest. Pastry not bad but very lightly flavoured.  Falllafel soft and nice tomatoe sauce on top and good sauce base to make it not dry. 

Chicken shish (Large chunks of soft, succulent chicken breast in a mildly spiced marinade cooked on the skewer over charcoal grill.) –  was succulent and fresh and came with a nice marinade. 

Mixed Vegetable Creamy Guvec (Chargrilled vegetables of aubergine, red pepper, red onion, mushroom, courgette, tomato with cream sauce) – Mixed veg all cooked well. Could do with more flavour and spice however as it was a little bland. 

Halep Chicken  (Tender chicken pieces with wild mushrooms cooked in a creamy yet authentic Halep sauce) – A different type of dish and a large portion size but very tasty. Not spicy as suggested however on the menu. The salad also had a nice dressing. 

Bill / Cost: £65.95 (3 Covers)

Conclusion: Seems to be a good place for the area in terms of a party as they do large tables and space to accommodate and the food is fine for a good Lunch. The price means its also good value and not bad for a dinner also. It may not be fine dinning but i would come again and think it is worth a visit. 

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.0

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