Gymkhana – Indian – London

Gymkhana – Indian – London

“Great Location, Great Food, Great Service”

Date of Visit: 07.05.18

Time: 14.25

Review: Always great service great and menus always explained really well. We had on Vegetarian sample menu and mixture of other dishes and you can share, this is the best bet as you get a lot of food and having the variety is great. The food options and flavours are second to none and not a fusion place but indian food done well with care and attention to the detail in the flavour. I do not mention the drinks but they do a wide selection including a good selection of Mocktails.

Dress Code: Everyone was smart or smart casual but I don’t think they have any restrictions

Booking Process: Very easy to book on the phone

Location: 42 Albermarle Street, London, W1S 4JH

Cuisine Type: Indian

Decor & Lighting: Always dim lit. It is nice but nothing too special.

Heating and Cooling: The resturant has AC but not overlay cold. And got out but nice inside. Not too hot and not too cold.

DB Level: 78.6Db, it was easy to talk and even though all tables occupied we could still have a nice conversation

We had the following:

Papad : A good selection of different types of papad with a nice mango chutney and also a great chutney with prawns but nothing to spicy. All home made the way it should be.

Aloo Tikki chat : Full of flavour and a good size portion to share. Traditional flavour as you would expect.  This was part of the Vegetarian sampling menu.

Planner tikka on a Sweet corn chat : Again good portion to share and a nice traditional taste with twist of sweet corn. Also the middle layer had a distinct but complimentary taste which really sets this aside from a good Indian resturant to a great indian resturant. This was part of the Vegetarian sampling menu

Dosa : Another great traditional tasting and full of flavour and with another little twist in the tomato sauce which I also enjoyed. Which is like a reduced thickened Dal as you normally but a great compliment. This was part of the Vegetarian sampling menu

Chicken tikka : Really succulent and good size portion, perfectly cooked with a nice spicy marinade that just kicks in a few moments later. Comes with a great beetroot raita that helps cool everything down. This again shows the subtle differences that make a difference on your pallet which all just work together.

Channa Bhatura : Traditional but not oily as many others. This was part of the Vegetarian sampling menu

Black lentil : Traditional taste but something at least you know what you will get each and every time. This was part of the Vegetarian sampling menu

Aubergine : Normally I hate aubergine but this is special and I fully recommend you try this dish. This was part of the Vegetarian sampling menu

Muntjac Biriyani with rose petal raita : The Top pastry is cut off by the server and put to the side. Great portion size. A Crispy pastry so you get it all from pastry to rice and meat so a whole meal in one. Sweet tasting rice and deer cooked well and taste more like light lamb and not gamey at all.

Raita : There was a special hint of sweetness and tang but perfect blend to go with the Biriyani and makes the dish completely different. This was part of the Vegetarian sampling menu

Bill / Cost: £160.88 for three

Conclusion: A great classic resturant with some great flavours and excellent service. We have been before and each time we leave with a smile and full belly! If you want something traditional which can cater for vegetarians as well and has a few twists this is the place to go.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10.0

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