Rosewood – Holborn – London – Restaurant

Rosewood – Holborn – London – Restaurant

“Great Location…..Great Decor….Shame about the breakfast”

THE MOOD: One of the most luxurious hotels in London. Set in midtown London within the Holborn Dining Room.

The grand brasserie takes you back to the art deco era with reclaimed oak and antique mirrors and red leather banquettes. A Large area but sectioned into different areas so making it feel more homely with an expansive bar which is not to be missed.

You do feel special when you walk in and treated well from the start with smiles and great service.

THE FOOD: The menu is made up of traditional British affair. On this occasion I thought I would try the traditional english breakfast, which was made up of two fried eggs, 2 rashes of bacon, one sausage with fried tomato and baked beans.

The breakfast sets you back £18  which is a high price even for London. The items are all cooked well. The sausage itself was nice and meaty but even at the price the toast is extra. What you get in terms of taste is just a little above a basic breakfast from any local cafe with the presentation to match. I have had so much better for less in other places. I expected better given the status of the hotel and I do wish more care and attention could be given to cooked breakfasts as from experience so much could be done to make this a more unique and memorable experience.

On a side note the orange juice maybe nice, fresh and sweet but come in the smallest glass I have ever seen. I also recall that  I asked for the black pudding to be relaxed by extra sausage but this request was just ignored.

THE VERDICT: Within easy walking distance from Holborn tube station and good transport links makes this a great place for a business meeting. I have yet to try items from the main menu but the breakfast is nothing special to report I am afraid.  I expected more given the location and cost. Let us hope they do better for lunch which I will look to review on my next visit.

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