Sakonis – South Indian – Hatch End London

Sakonis – South Indian – Hatch End London

“Good variety and great service”

Review: I have stayed away from the Sakonis chain for a while given its previous reputation and tired looking establishments of the past where it was more about cheap dining rather than any quality or consistency but the new hatch end branch did look good and I did try a take away a few days earlier which surprised me to the point I had to give the breakfast a chance and I am glad I did. Service was impeccable and I cant fault the portion sizes or quality at all. Ok food is mild in terms of spice but for breakfast I think that is a better option. Recommend a visit.

Dress Code: No dress code

Location: Hatch End, London

Cuisine Type: South Indian

Parking: There is a number of free on street parking across the road but they are usually full so you just have to try your luck or try the side roads.

Decor & Lighting: Good lighting and a nice decor especially when you compare to the other locations

We had the following:  Breakfast deal which allows you to order as much as you like but the dishes are served in order dish at a time and you can ask for more of the same at any time during the breakfast period between 9am and 11am as the kitchen shuts after this time for around an hour after which point you get the menu and during breakfast you cant order menu items or take away.


First dish: Jalebi and Ganthiya – Skipped this as its a sweet and savoury dish

Second dish: Dhokla & Idli Sambhar – Nice and light Dhokla served with a nice fluffy Idli which also comes with chutney as well as Sambhar which is tasty but both items mild in spice terms.

Third Dish: Puri & Potatoe Subzi – Again really light and crisp puri and nice potatoe Subzi, once again both very mild in terms of spice.

Fourth Dish: Choice of Dosa from Plan, Masala and Cheese. Small perfectly sized dosa for breakfast with a nice crisp freshly made batter and Masala Dosa was filled with just the right amount of filling again mild and I also tried the cheese dosa which was a first for me and glad I did as it was not overly cheesy but just right.

You also get drink as much as you like Masala Chai but you can have other drinks just have to pay on top.

Bill / Cost:  £9.99 each plus service charge

Conclusion: A great option for breakfast where the mild flavours really work and service was excellent and very filling as you get so much variety and you can re-order the parts you like the most so you also are not wasting any food and all made fresh to order so no compromise on quality. I will be going again for certain.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.0

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